Mary Selinski


For seventeen years, I taught art K-adult. I remember standing in a Junior High art room and thinking like Peggy Lee, “Is this all there is Lord?” He wasn’t through with me yet. I went on to work on a masters in painting and fibers and later earned a Masters of Public Administration. I worked for the State of Illinois in various capacities for 25 years always dreaming “and my soul awakens. Imagination in the star” to quote Carl Jung.


At last in 2003, I retired and along with life’s visitudes managed to have time for my own art. As Andy Warhol said: “My paintings never turn out the way I expect them to, but I’m not surprised”. Yet I’m meeting my goal of painting again and loving the challenge.


Transparent watercolor sings to me, its accidents, discipline and inspiration, calm my soul. What I choose to paint inspires an emotional response to nature in all her colors, shapes and seasons. Although florals and portraits are currently intriguing me, landscapes are there to add dimension to my work.


Ansel Adams said: “Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity”. I’m always learning and preparing for those lucky moments. It is a journey and I’m enjoying the trip.